G-Barcode Inventory Addon (The Genius Barcode Add-on)

SAP Business One Integrated


A few common themes that benefit SMEs in their business management solutions are automation, reducing or eliminating manual processes (the associated risk of human error), and time and cost savings.

Companies have relied on SAP inventory management software for many years for establishing and maintaining effective supply chain management. To improve the capabilities of warehouse management the barcode scanner integration is now the next important step in business operations for many SMEs.

Inventory transactions occur in every business area in trading, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing companies. In a typical SAP Business One implementation, stock in and out records that happen in the warehouse such as goods receipts and deliveries are not automated and require data entry in the back office, which is inefficient and error-prone.

SAP B1 integrated ‘G-Barcode’ add-on is a powerful and smart application designed to scan and print barcode labels from the SQL and HANA databases. It’s quick and easy.

G-Barcode add-on brings warehouse transactions to the front-line when and where they happen. It is an easy-to-use barcode system that plugs into SAP Business One for small to medium-sized companies to handle all the inventory movement transactions accurately and efficiently.

G-Barcode Scanner for SAP Business One is a unique, affordable application designed for SAP Business One. G-Barcode Scanner transforms your warehouse processes by letting you pick or receive goods with a scanner, directly from the original purchase or sales document stored in the SAP Business One database. Reducing the cost of errors while additionally speeding up the process. It operates in real-time, no synchronization is necessary.

Sample Barcode

Common Inventory Challenges:

  • Manual updates of inventory movement increase the possibility of human error.
  • Inaccurate Inventory on Hand status report makes it difficult to make and keep promises to customers and also causes issues with warehouse waste and storage.
  • Stock taking process is a time taking, require heavy resources and does not offer reliable results.

Add-on Features:

  • Reduce human involvement:

By providing barcode scanning solutions, you can use few people to complete a more efficient process, and also eliminate the risk of manual input error.

  • Real time inventory

Knowing how much inventory you have, and where, enables quick and reliable decisions to be made when trying to establish efficient purchasing, storage, and wastage processes and works in real-time with no delays or synchronization requirements.

  • Effective stock take process

Reducing human involvement in the stocktake process produces more reliable results with less risk of manual input and error.

  • Cost and time saving

Vital for any SME, reducing time and money spent on processes that can be easily automated (and run better) helps redirect precious resources to more customer-centric activities.

  • Accurate inventory

Inventory movements and availability are always accurate with real-time updates.

Add-on Functionality:

Barcode addon has the ability to print barcode labels for new items and existing items.

And In the below screens barcode scanner can pick the items automatically.

Purchase Module:

  • Goods Receipt PO based on a single purchase order, multiple purchase orders, or without a purchase order (Depends on Company)
  • Purchase Goods Return
  • Purchase Credit Note

Sales Module:

  • Delivery based on a single sales order, multiple sales orders, or without a sales order (Depends on Company)
  • Sales Goods Return
  • Sales Credit Note

Inventory Module:

  • Inventory Transfer
  • Inventory Counting (Stock Take)
  • Goods Receipt (Not based on Purchase)
  • Goods Issue (Not based on Sales)

Production Module:

  • Issue for Production (Raw Materials)
  • Receipt for Production (Semi finished/finished Goods)